Civilizing the Economy A New Economics of Provision

Health Care Insurance as a Shared Commons

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Today the Supreme Court considers the constitutionality of requiring people to participate in a national health care insurance program.  Do you think they will see health care insurance as a commodity or as a shared commons?  Their perception on this issue may well determine their ruling.

Economics: A Job for Designers

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Mary McBride, Director of the Design Management Program at Pratt Institute, has invited us to join in a conversation about how to design a future economy that works for all.  Economics, it turns out, is not about numbers, its about design.  See: CATALYST Strategic Design Review: Civilizing the Economy





Democractic Womanism

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by Alice Walker. See her blog.

We Need Our Mothers

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I don’t mean I need my mother.  Who wants to know about that?  I mean we need our mothers, and we need them to remember that we have been cared for—a fundamental experience that might serve as a platform for building a common civic life. (See The Ethics of Care)

Marvin T. Brown, Ph.D teaches business and organizational ethics at the University of San Francisco and Saybrook University in San Francisco.

This book is the culmination of 30 years of teaching and writing on business and society from a communicative perspective. Visit for more information.

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